Skipjack and 14 Global: Best Game Dishes


Chef-owner Donny Merrill says regulars would revolt if he ever removed antelope from the menu at Skipjack. The preparation changes from time to time, but the espresso-grilled version with white chocolate celeriac, mango rosemary relish, spring onions and Brie crostini was a hit. 401 Louviers Drive, Newark, 456-1800,

Wild boar sliders are topped with goat cheese, sweet and spicy pepper jam and red onion and are served with buttermilk batter-fried pickles and truffle-mustard aioli.EDITORS' PICK, DOWNSTATE
14 Global has picked up where a previous incarnation of Sedona left off, serving
game to a community of diners who once expected to find it in Bethany. The game and preparations change often, so visit regularly. 14 N. Pennsylvania Ave., Bethany Beach, 616-1035,


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