Best of Delaware 2010

You told us your favorites. We have a few of our own. Herein, the great big list of winners.


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Best Healthy Fare

READERS, UPSTATE | Home Grown Café
126 E. Main St, Newark, 266-6993

READERS, DOWNSTATE | Greenman Juice Bar & Bistro
12 Wilmington Ave., Rehoboth Beach, 227-4909

CRITICS, UPSTATE | Fresh Thymes Café
1834 Lovering Ave., Wilmington, 656-2026
Fresh Thymes Café lives up to its name. You won’t eat the same thing in July that you did in November, which means the veggies on your plate were sourced locally, and that fabulous egg salad was flavored with fresh herbs. At events like Sunny Saturdays, you’ll be offered gazpacho, black bean and potato soup, or blueberry buckwheat pancakes. Show up for a Funtabulous Friday and you might taste the “vegan beanie & weanie soup.”

35 Wilmington Ave., Rehoboth Beach, 226-1928
At Planet X Café, the emphasis is on locally sourced natural, organic and free-range foods. Try a Zen bowl, perhaps the crispy fresh fish of the day, tofu served with miso-ginger broth, bok choy, shaved cauliflower, rice noodles and scallion salad, or some other version. The menu changes often, sometimes daily. A possible upcoming menu item: prime, natural filet of beef in a rose-pink peppercorn demi-glace with a wild king oyster-mushroom ragoût, and more.

CRITICS, OVER THE LINE | Café Terrain at Styer’s
914 Baltimore Pike, Glen Mills, Pa., (610) 459-2400
With the exception of a few desserts, it’s difficult to find a menu item at Terrain at Styer’s that isn’t healthful. Dishes such as lump crab, shrimp and scallop tartine, as well as roasted beets and ruby grapefruit salad, are prepared fresh and presented attractively. Even the atmosphere, essentially a refined greenhouse, makes you feel healthier.

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