Best of Delaware 2010

You told us your favorites. We have a few of our own. Herein, the great big list of winners.


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Best Family Restaurant

READERS, UPSTATE | Johnnie’s Dog House
3401 Concord Pike, Wilmington, 477-1440

20298 Coastal Hwy., Rehoboth Beach, 227-9007

2600 Concord Pike, Wilmington, 478-2165
Kirkwood Highway and Greenbank Road, Wilmington, 998-8853
5200 Pike Creek Blvd., Wilmington, 999-7483
Charcoal Pit grills the best burgers, blends the best shakes and offers the best service, and you’d be hard-pressed to find folks who treat kids better. For 54 years, servers at the Concord Pike icon have endured Sweet 16 birthday parties, scooped ice cream for muddy Little Leaguers, and provided a safe zone for awkward first dates.

CRITICS, DOWNSTATE | Betty’s Pure & Simple
18585 Coastal Hwy., No. 23, Rehoboth Beach, 645-6160
With Betty’s Pure and Simple, restaurateur extraordinaire Matt Haley lightened up the former Adriatico Restaurant with both new paint and a new approach to family-friendly cuisine. There’s homemade kettle chips with blue cheese dip, beef stroganoff, picnic-style deviled eggs, and chicken-and-rice soup like mom used to make.

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