Best of Delaware 2010

You told us your favorites. We have a few of our own. Herein, the great big list of winners.


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Best Breakfast Place

READERS, UPSTATE | Lucky’s Coffee Shop
4003 Concord Pike, Wilmington, 477-0240

2009 Highway One, Dewey Beach, 227-4600

CRITICS, UPSTATE | Sinclair’s Café
177 E. Main St., Newark, 368-7755
Customers will never confuse venerable Sinclair’s Café with a greasy spoon. Owner Jeffrey Sinclair grinds whole wheat to make flour for whole-wheat pancakes and tops them with real maple syrup. French toast and eggs are done fresh in any style, and here resides the best espresso machine in town. “Most of us know how to use it,” quips Sinclair. Coffee comes from Gillies Coffee, one of the oldest and most beloved roasteries in the country.

CRITICS, DOWNSTATE | Warren’s Station
1406 Coastal Hwy., Fenwick Island, 539-7156
If you don’t leave Warren’s Station happy and full, manager Scott Mumford will be concerned. The fine staff works tirelessly to serve a lineup of simple breakfast foods. Mumford buys only Rapa scrapple—his grandfather’s favorite—and serves omelets made with fresh, local ingredients. Chocolate chip pancakes smothered in Smucker’s syrup are a favorite among kids.

Routes 100 and 1, Chadds Ford, Pa., (610) 388-7061
A great breakfast place is as much about environment as it is ham and eggs, which is why friendly Hank’s Place is tops. Eggs Benedict is served on a biscuit and topped with homemade creamed chipped beef. Poached eggs Cordon Bleu features grilled Lancaster County ham and creamed chipped beef. Yes, the chipped beef is a specialty, but don’t overlook John Chad’s apple pancakes or omelets made with local mushrooms.

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