Best of Delaware 2010

You told us your favorites. We have a few of our own. Herein, the great big list of winners.


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Best Garden Center

READERS, UPSTATE | Richardson’s Garden Center
1918 Kirkwood Hwy., Newark, 738-9463
2738 Pulaski Hwy., Newark, 836-9898

READERS, DOWNSTATE | East Coast Garden Center
30366 Cordrey Road, Millsboro, 945-3489

CRITICS, UPSTATE | Old Country Gardens
414 Wilson Road, Wilmington, 652-3317
Old Country Gardens excels at customer service. Knowledgeable staffers can explain what to plant, why you should or should not plant it, and how to care for whatever it is you do plant. Old Country also offers landscaping. Its Christmas shop is stocked with German hand-blown glass ornaments, nutcrackers, homemade wreaths and more.

CRITICS, DOWNSTATE | Ronny’s Garden World
5580 Dupont Pkwy., Smyrna, 653-6288
Ronny’s Garden World blooms with one of the best selections of annuals and perennials anywhere. It’s also staffed with some of the nicest people. These staffers never give short shrift to neophyte gardeners, and they advise the seasoned pros on how to create natural curb appeal. Flowers, trees and shrubs: it’s all here.

CRITICS, OVER THE LINE | Terrain at Styer’s
914 Baltimore Pike, Glen Mills, Pa., (610) 459-2400
Terrain at Styer’s is a world all its own, a place to escape. Its garden center is just one lovely area among many, each boasting beautiful flowers, plants and shrubs. The center is filled with birdhouses, fountains, outdoor furniture and handmade outdoor art of the kind found in galleries, upscale boutiques and artists’ home studios.

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