Best of Delaware 2010

You told us your favorites. We have a few of our own. Herein, the great big list of winners.


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Best Natural-Organic Food

READERS, UPSTATE | Harvest Market
7417 Lancaster Pike, Hockessin, 234-6779

READERS, DOWNSTATE | Greenman Juice Bar & Bistro
12 Wilmington Ave., Rehoboth Beach, 227-4909

CRITICS, UPSTATE | Newark Natural Foods
280 E. Main St., Newark, 368-5894
Newark Natural Foods is a co-op, so the membership chooses the merchandise, but the public is welcome, too. Find organic fruits and vegetables, grains, free-range meats and eggs, various nut butters, dairy-free ice creams, and a good deal of gluten-free and dairy-free selections. Popular brands include Garden of Eatin’ and Fantastic Foods. Bring your own containers to buy flours, loose nuts, grains, beans and spices at deep discounts (no packaging—no extra costs).

CRITICS, DOWNSTATE | Good For You Natural Market
28841 Lewes-Georgetown Hwy., Lewes, 684-8330
Good For You Natural Market not only stocks natural, chemical-free produce, but the owners grow it on their own one-acre market garden. (They’re famous for arugula and other greens.) The market is moving to bigger, greener pastures this year, with the opening of a store on Del. 1 expected soon. That means double the great produce, triple the deli meats, great new prepared foods and charcuterie items.

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