Best of Delaware 2010

You told us your favorites. We have a few of our own. Herein, the great big list of winners.


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Best Local Grocer

19 Chestnut Hill Plaza, Newark, 292-1220
1600 W. Newport Pike, Newport, 999-1227
1300 Rocky Run Pkwy., Wilmington, 477-3270
501 S. Walnut St., Wilmington, 225-6900
ShopRite’s 70,000-square-foot store at Christina Crossing on the Wilmington Riverfront offers rooftop parking, elevators and a cartveyor escalator—all firsts for Delaware. The megastore lays claim to the largest meat department in the state, a giant produce department, an in-house floral designer and lots of ethnic specialties. The North Wilmington store has the only full-service certified-
Kosher bakery and deli in the state. Find Halal goods, too. Vegans are well-served in the Live Rite with ShopRite aisles. And you won’t find better birthday cakes.

CRITICS, DOWNSTATE | Hocker’s Super Center
34960 Atlantic Ave., Clarksville, 537-1788
Family-owned and operated Hocker’s Super Center is known for its country store feel, friendly service and rep for selling quality meats. With its five-aisle hardware store and its garden center, this full-service grocery is a one-stop shopping destination. Find everything from locally grown asparagus to lawn mowers. Owner Gerald Hocker (as in state representative) is still hands-on. The family also runs G&E Supermarket in Ocean View.

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