The Best of Delaware 2009

From crab cakes and cheesesteaks to prime rib and clam bakes, little Delaware is packed with great places to eat and terrific places to shop. Here’s the cream of the crop.


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Best Coffee

  Readers, upstate: Brew Ha Ha! (Various locations)
  Readers, downstate: Java Beach (17314 N. Village Main Blvd., No. 53, Lewes, 644-0370)
  Critics, upstate: The Gunns get their morning buzz from Pike Creek Coffee Roasterie, a local outfit that roasts beans fresh on site. Single-source coffee comes from around the world (Costa Rica, India, Kenya and more), but the real treats are the exclusive blends, like the Rise and Shine Breakfast Blend, where South American and Indonesian beans mingle to create a great morning fog-lifter. Flavored coffee like French toast and crème brûlée seem too good to be true. (270 Polly Drummond Hill Road (inside Zingo's), Newark, 731-5187)
  Critics, downstate: Unique, flavorful and even a few proprietary coffee blends are Amy Felker’s specialty at Notting Hill Coffee Roastery, where many a fair trade and organic bean make their home. “She has a nice reputation and some strong coffee,” Leishear says. “We use a French roast blended with a fair trade coffee to make our mocha chocolate cake. That’s her thing. She knows her bean.” Felker’s bean selection reads like a Rand McNally. Javas from Ethiopia, Jamaica, Guatemala and more are all roasted on site. (124 Second St., Lewes, 645-0733)

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