The Best of Delaware 2009

From crab cakes and cheesesteaks to prime rib and clam bakes, little Delaware is packed with great places to eat and terrific places to shop. Here’s the cream of the crop.


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Best Home Accessories

  Readers, upstate: Simply Home (3628 Concord Pike, Wilmington, 477-0999)
  Readers, downstate: Habersham Peddler Interiors (139 Second, St., Lewes, 645-8383)
  Critics, upstate: From clocks to artful knickknacks, the home accessories amassed by Simply Home owner Terri Sisson Truono earn applause from Karibjanian and Butler. “Terri’s tastes match mine so closely that I could live in Simply Home,” Butler says. “If you walk through my house, it might look like a Simply Home catalogue.” Find classy cotton-woven rugs, decorative mirrors, ornate lamps, sconces and more. (3628 Concord Pike, Wilmington, 477-0999)
  Critics, downstate: Carol DiSabatino and Marylou Jackson are the two friends of Two Friends and, after 15 years in the biz, the pair have gathered some of the state’s most coveted home accessory lines. Find everything Vera Bradley to serving pieces from Mariposa, hand-blown glass water bottles from Blenko, decorative glass pieces from Peggy Karr, and earthen lamps crafted by local artisans. Loyal customers call it the best little shop at the beach. (205 Second St., No. 4, Lewes, 644-0477)

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