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Best of Delaware 2008

Our 25th salute to the places that make Delaware great, plus the Hall of Fame of winningest places ever. (Can you say Grotto Pizza?) As chosen by you, the readers (with a little help from your friends here at DT)


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Best Way to Dine Around the World
Critics, upstate: Independence Mall in Wilmington is like the cafeteria at a United Nations summit. There’s a spot for Indian (Nirvana), Japanese (Utage), British (The Flavour of Britain Tea Room), Swiss (The Melting Pot, since fondue is a Swiss delicacy) and even the new Rasa Sayang Malaysia Cuisine. We’re willing to include Slack’s Hoagie Shack. South Philly basically has its own language, after all. (1601 Concord Pike, No. 30, Wilmington, 656-2190)


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