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Best of Delaware 2008

Our 25th salute to the places that make Delaware great, plus the Hall of Fame of winningest places ever. (Can you say Grotto Pizza?) As chosen by you, the readers (with a little help from your friends here at DT)


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WILM 1450 AM
Readers have depended on WILM 1450 AM for news, weather and sports for decades. In 1948 the station was purchased by the Delaware Broadcasting Company, which was owned and operated by Ewing B. Hawkins. By 1976 Sally V. Hawkins had transformed WILM into a powerful entity, and she resisted the trend of selling to a media conglomerate. As a result, the station became the only independently owned all-news radio station in America. The decision to sell was excruciating, but in 2004, the Hawkins family sold WILM to Clear Channel Communications for $4 million. Two years later the station dropped national newscasts from CBS Radio and switched to Fox News Radio. The local air staff, including longtime newsmen John Watson and Mark Fowser, is still on the beat thanks to reliable, hardworking reporters, and it still offers local programming such as Saturday morning’s “Money and Politics in Delaware.” Readers continue to regard WILM as a balanced news source. (920 W. Basin Road, Suite 400, New Castle, 395-9800)

Wings to Go
When Buffalo-style chicken wings caught fire in the mid-1980s, the original Wings to Go store in Dover quickly bloomed to more than a dozen across the state. Now they span the country—and they offer Buffalo-style shrimp and other fare as well. There’s nothing fancy about these places. They simply make really good wings. Of the 15 sauces to choose from, the best seller is Hot, which the shop calls “average hot.” The bravest go for Suicide, which promises an “awesome rush.” We’d call that an understatement. Masochists insist on the Homicide. While the degree of hotness matters, wings can’t be great unless they’re tasty and crispy. Wings To Go never disappoints. (809 Governor’s Place, Bear, 836-8611; 1814 Highway One, Dewey Beach, 227-9555; 23 S. Dupont Highway, Dover, 734-8144; Peoples Plaza, Suite 940, Glasgow, 836-9711; 428 E. Main St., Middletown, 449-0300; 907 N. Dupont Hwy., Milford, 424-1222; 174 E. Main St., Newark, 456-3400; 1404 N. Dupont Hwy., New Castle, 322-5050; 174 E. Main St., Newark, 456-3400; 2 N. First St., Rehoboth Beach, 227-1766; 3311 Concord Pike, Wilmington, 478-4660; 4567 New Linden Hill Road, Wilmington, 292-2500)

WSTW 93.7 FM
The self-proclaimed “Delaware’s Choice for Hit Music” has also been the main choice of Delaware Today readers during the past 25 years. The station has earned at least 27 Best of Delaware awards for everything from music to morning show. The station, always operated by Delmarva Broadcasting, hit the airwaves 30 years ago with a fully automated Top 40 format. Memorable personalities would soon take over, but the independently owned station has always stuck with its pop music format—a rarity in the radio biz. It’s those on-air folks who give WSTW its voice and, well, personality. While the on-air folks have come and gone, a core group has continued to thrive. Traffic Watch’s Robin Bryson is a 29-year veteran, and Big Don Voltz has handled sports for 22 years. They’re joined by Mike Rossi (20 years) and morning guy Dana McDonald (15). WSTW is known for supporting local charities such as the Wilmington Flower Market. WSTW’s consistency in all of these areas and its commitment to Wilmington and Delaware is why DT readers have voted the station a perennial winner. (2727 Shipley Road, Wilmington, 478-2700)

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