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Best of Delaware 2008

Our 25th salute to the places that make Delaware great, plus the Hall of Fame of winningest places ever. (Can you say Grotto Pizza?) As chosen by you, the readers (with a little help from your friends here at DT)


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1984-2007 Best of Delaware Covers

Garrett Lyons Jr. in the yellow slacks and on the cover of Top DentistsThrough the Past Darkly
25 Years of Best of Delaware Bloopers, Bleepers and Plain Bad Taste

In 2008 Garrett Lyons Jr. has a successful family dentistry business in Greenville, five children, a collection of Top Dentist awards (including being on the cover) and, more than likely, a complete and well-rounded wardrobe.

In 1987 he donned a striped El Caribe shirt and ugly, pleated, canary-yellow slacks—all in the name of Best of Delaware.

Lyons, along with a handful of well-known young Delawareans, was the centerpiece of DT’s 1987 awards, a spread called Best Dressed Delawareans. Of course, it was the ’80s, so the shoot was cemented firmly in ’80s flamboyance.

Back then: pretty darn cool. Today? Downright hilarious.

Lyons remembers the photo shoot and he recalls the outfit—maybe too well.

“You bum,” he says with a hearty chuckle after DT editors refresh his memory. “I lived the ’80s very well.”

So did Ellen Bartholomaus, who wore a gaudy silk frock with large, hand-painted goldfish adorning the front. Today sheEllen Bartholomaus and Michael Christopher Hemphill owns Blue Streak Gallery in Trolley Square. Salon owner Michael Christopher Hemphill wore a coachman’s vest and purple socks.

Looking back on 25 years of Best of Delaware is like looking through old high school yearbooks. The pages are filled with some great memories and even more cringe-worthy moments. There were bad fashions, bizarre quotes and puzzling picks.

DT’s inaugural Best of Delaware in 1984 was chock-full of unintentional comedy. The editors gave a special shout-out to Pepperidge Farm Goldfish crackers and urged readers to buy the 31-ounce container from the new (and now long gone) Pepperidge Farm discount outlet.

By 1985 editors foisted some of the responsibility for picking the best onto readers, who gave the coveted Best Road award to I-95 and the newly minted, strangely worded Worst Place to Have a Good Time award to the Christiana Hospital morgue.

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