Shopping’s First Resort

We think of the beach as a great place for restaurants, but it’s just as great a place to shop for home furnishings and accessories.

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The bedroom showroom at Bethany Resort Furnishings.Bethany Resort Furnishings
When it comes to looks being deceiving, Bethany Resorts Furnishings is as duplicitous as they come. From the road, it looks like another humdrum chain furniture store. But when you step inside, there’s a different story. If you like bold, look-at-me pieces, welcome home. Oversized stripes, patterns and whimsical beach-town vibes grace most of the furniture here. If an overstuffed chair with dancing seahorses isn’t your cup of tea, see the fabulous assortment of distressed wooden goods, from benches to brilliantly colored dressers to hope chests. And make sure you pop your head upstairs to check out the wall of work by local artists. The store offers design services such as mural painting and window treatments. Bethany Resort Furnishings also has a clearance outlet in Fenwick. Del. 1 and Pennsylvania Ave., Bethany Beach, 539-4000
Elegant Slumming
Bling. Bling. Bling. Do you hear that? No, it’s not proprietor Philip Livingston’s phone. It’s your brain registering all things sparkly and luxe at Elegant Slumming. “I refuse to buy mass-produced lines,” Livingston says. “That’s why our customers come here.” Slumming is just the right size to blend treats to decorate your home (think jewel-encrusted photo frames that look good enough to eat and limited-edition vintage-style books that are perfect for the coffee table) with treats to decorate you (think La Nouvelle Bague diamond-and-enamel cocktail rings and cufflinks with flair for the daring dude). The art is divine, the lighting options unlike anything in a department store. There’s not much in the way of furniture. Elegant Slumming is all about the big bangs that come in small packages. 33 Baltimore Ave., Rehoboth Beach, 227-5551

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