A Soulful Retreat

A beach cottage should be, above all, a cottage. This one stays true to its roots.

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 A second-story landing provides an entry to a large deck overlooking the water. Photograph by Herbert StudiosInstead of shoehorning in a third bedroom, the homeowner opted for an open, second-story landing in the cottage, a spacious surprise at the top of the stairs. In addition to a gallery wall for art, the landing provides an entry to a large deck overlooking the water.
“It is my favorite place in the house,” Giroso says. “The wonderful feeling you get from this space was well worth trading off on an extra bedroom.”
The second bedroom is furnished with bunk beds, a choice that enables the homeowner’s son to invite friends for visits. After the main house is built, the room can accommodate guests with young children or teen sleepovers. “Every beach house should have a bunk room,” Giroso says. “It’s so much fun.”
The floors in the master bedroom and upper-floor bath are painted in a crisp cream and blue checkerboard pattern. “In the past, people painted floors in cottages to smooth out the wood or to cover something that was unattractive,” she says. “Today, we do it because it looks nice.”
A cozy bedroom was a priority for the homeowner. A vaulted ceiling adds volume to the small room. Beams add a sense of age and architectural interest. A fan whirls softly over a big bed dressed with lots of plump pillows.
In the upper-floor bath, walls are sheathed in beadboard wainscoting. Towels hang on wooden pegs. Two small mirrors are stationed on swivel mounts so they can be readily adjusted for shaving.
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