A Soulful Retreat

A beach cottage should be, above all, a cottage. This one stays true to its roots.

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A vaulted ceiling adds volume to the master bedroom, while beams add a sense of age and architectural interest. Photograph by Herbert StudiosOn a tranquil strand in one of the few little-known areas of the Delaware coast stands a cottage called Endless Views, a reference to enchanting vistas of water, cedars and a mist-shrouded island that is reputed to be a Native American burial ground.
At 1,750 square feet, the cottage was conceived as a guest house for a larger, grander home that is still in the planning phase. The owner’s goal was to create a guest get-away that is high on style, yet low on maintenance, with a simple, open design that promotes serenity.
To achieve a comfy laid-back look and effortless flow, the owner turned to Rosemarie Dodd Giroso, owner of Rose Authentica Inc., a boutique interior design firm specializing in holistic design.
“This is a very spiritual place,” she says. “It deserves a home that respects that peaceful feeling.”
The cottage’s interior is grounded with dark, rustic plank floors that are characterized by the rippled surface created by an adze, a woodworking tool first used in the 12th century. The wood has some history to it, too. The boards were salvaged from a brewery in Ireland.
Guests enter informally, up a flight of stairs and onto a broad veranda, then into a trim kitchen that is open to a dining area.
The kitchen is yacht-like in its compactness, yet it exudes an aura of luxury, with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. A full-size refrigerator, range, sink, dishwasher, microwave and prep area were skillfully laid out in a line only a dozen feet long.
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