Water Worlds

It’s time to plan your outdoor water features. From falls to swimming ponds, there’s a style for every space.

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Swimming Ponds

The future of backyard water features is more than just a feature. Natural swimming ponds provide a pond’s natural beauty and ecology and a pool’s fun swimming space.

This style, which has yet to hit the United States, offers a beautiful and functional space for a backyard.

Tauber says Europeans have embraced swimming ponds for years. With the nation’s current obsession with going green, he sees the trend hitting here soon.

“Something like this is really into the environmental movement,” he says. “Europe is a little ahead on environmental laws and awareness, and I am sure that we are getting there, too.”

The pond-pool is environmentally friendly because it creates a miniature ecosystem. It offers a space for plant life to flourish and small creatures to explore, unlike a traditional pool, which drastically alters the natural outdoor area.

The concept of the pond-pool can be a hard one to understand since it is out-of-the-ordinary.

“When you think pool you think tiles and crystal clear, blue water,” says Tauber. The natural swimming pond is quite different, and some might be turned off by the presence of living plants—even fish—in their swimming space.

What a natural swimming pond does offer is a beautiful area to swim, relax and enjoy the outdoors while giving back to the surrounding wildlife.

Having a pond and pool may seem contradictory, but as Tauber says, “Seeing it is believing it.”