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Water Worlds

It’s time to plan your outdoor water features. From falls to swimming ponds, there’s a style for every space.

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Traditional Ponds

When it comes to water gardening, ponds are still the most popular choice. While installing a pond may seem like the mundane choice, there are a variety of ways to jazz one up.

John Passwaters, owner of Passwaters Landscaping in Bridgeville, says the design of a pond can be manipulated through landscaping, plantings and the lighting. The possibilities are endless, so a designer may be of help. “Usually ideas are up to us as the professionals,” Passwaters says.

If the usual design choices aren’t enough, the pond can be made unique with everything from fountains and statues to fog machines and fire features.

Such elements can be pricey, but a stunning look can still be made through a more economical route, such as floating candles or battery-operated floating lights. Transforming a plain pond into a backyard paradise requires only imagination.

“There are some different basic shapes,” Passwaters says. “But what makes them unique is what you do around them.”

As fun and exciting as the special features are, those are only the final touches. Ponds come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Nichols suggests establishing a budget to start.

Prices depend on size, but ponds usually average between $4,000 and $5,000. Rick Cordrey, owner of East Coast Garden Center in Millsboro, has created ponds that cost $16,000.

Though ponds can be an expensive choice for a backyard, they offer a complete experience, something the other water features don’t.

“Putting together the visual delight, the fragrance and the sound of the water moving is more fulfilling to all of your senses,” Castorani says.

Backyard ponds are so satisfying that they often change their owner’s daily habits. “Instead of coming home, pouring a glass of wine and watching the daily news, they pour their wine and sit by the pond,” Castorani says.

Ponds don’t require an intense installation. Average time is two or three days. They do require a bit of maintenance, which Tauber says isn’t for everyone. “A pond in the yard is a great thing for someone who likes to spend a little time to make it work.”

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