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Water Worlds

It’s time to plan your outdoor water features. From falls to swimming ponds, there’s a style for every space.

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“If you have a child or are nervous about your pet falling in, then it’s a great feature,” says Mike McDonald, owner of Hockessin-based McDonald Lawn & Landscape Contractors.

The cost of pondless waterfalls average $4,000, but prices vary depending on their size and structure. Installation is easy. It takes only a day or two.


Container Water Gardens

Even without ideal space, water gardening is possible with containers.

Container water gardens can be made from just about anything—from ceramic pots to old whiskey barrels—and can be placed anywhere there is enough room. Filled with plants and fish, the container becomes a miniature habitat, an upside to pondless waterfalls.

“Most people want a true living garden, even if it’s on a small scale,” says Peg Castorani, co-owner of Gateway Garden Center in Hockessin.

One of the most popular trends in water gardening, container gardening is a sign of the times, Castorani says. “Ponds are rather expensive. In this economy, people are interested in enjoying the benefits of water gardens without the economic leap.”

The price of container water gardens starts around $100, but according to Castorani, the sky is the limit.

Christian Tauber, manager of landscape design at Old Country Gardens in Wilmington, says container water gardens can transform patios, especially those of city residents. “By introducing water noise,” Tauber says, “you can cancel out some of the background city noise.”

In that way, a container water garden not only provides a beautiful touch to an outdoor area, but a chance to feel the effects of nature even in the heart of a city.

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