Water Worlds

It’s time to plan your outdoor water features. From falls to swimming ponds, there’s a style for every space.

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This fountain, designed by Christian Tauber of Old Country Gardens in Wilmington, is a great alternative to a backyard pond.As Barbara Corbett enjoys a quick break from working in the garden of her Newark home, she takes a moment to contemplate the most rewarding aspect of her backyard pond.

“The animals that it attracts are my favorite part,” Corbett says. “Ducks and birds like to play in the waterfall. I’m sitting here looking at two mallards. They come back every year.”

Corbett’s pond is a typical style. Surrounded by rocks and livened by a waterfall, it is home to several koi and goldfish. It has become a place for her to take a moment to rest and relax, though she prefers staying active in order to keep her garden beautiful.

Whether interested in this classic type of backyard pond or a more unique water feature for the home, there are new trends in the water gardening world that work in any type of outdoor area and fit every desire—and now is the time to plan for spring.


Pondless Features

The water gardening world is going pondless. Pondless waterfalls are the recent rage, and for good reason—they supply the benefits of backyard ponds without the hassle.

“You can enjoy the sights and sounds of water landscaping without the maintenance of a pond,” says Jonny Nichols, owner of Jonny Nichols Landscape Maintenance Inc. in Dover.

Instead of having a waterfall flow into a larger pond, this feature simply re-circulates the water from the top of the stone structure to a small basin—similar to a fountain. It’s a great alternative to a backyard pond when space is limited or there are safety concerns.

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