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Modernistic Marvel

Michael Hynansky transformed a stone contempo into a modern masterpiece that’s perfect for entertaining friends or just getting away from it all.

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The glass wing frames the pool area. Have a yen for tempura and steamed veggies? A deep fryer and steamer are built into the countertop. Still, a guy can never have too many small appliances. Hynansky’s most recent addition is a Japanese rice cooker that delivers perfect grains every time.

“It is probably the least expensive item in the kitchen—and the one I use the most,” he says.

Hynansky was deeply involved in designing and furnishing the house, from the massive mahogany front doors to the ivory upholstered vintage modernist chairs in the sitting room.

The reproduction of a French Empire tall-case clock in the dining room, a gift from his father, tells a story as well as the time. It’s the impressive piece filmed in the foyer of Eddie Murphy’s uptown Philadelphia manse in the movie “Trading Places.”

Because most of the 7,500-square-foot space is new, the construction phase was the optimal time for outfitting the house with the latest technology. There’s a Crestron system that allows the homeowner to control lighting, electronics and seven-zone heating and cooling. Blinds and draperies open and close with the touch of a button.

The long vanity in the master bath is topped with Jerusalem limestone.Ceiling heights range from 9 feet to 16 feet, dropping to define intimate settings and soaring in grand, loft-like spaces. That attention to detail extends to the three-car garage, which is outfitted with a single, streamlined door.

“It’s designed for an airplane hangar,” he says. “The whole thing comes up at once.”

By the pool, there’s a large grill and auxiliary kitchen. Hynansky grows herbs, tomatoes and vegetables for his kitchen in an expansive home garden, which is fenced to keep deer from turning the plot into their personal produce market.

Inside and out, it’s a great house for entertaining, a sophisticated and welcome place for guests.

But these days, Hynansky is intent on family life.

“I have truly enjoyed this house,” he says. “I know the people who live here next will enjoy it just as much.”


  • Maximize the views. Michael Hynansky brought beautiful vistas of his wooded property indoors with large expanses of glass.
  • Chill out in warm spaces. Balance a cool, contemporary design with tactile materials: rich woods, earthy stones and touchable fabrics.
  • Go commercial. Looking for a single door for a three-car garage? Call a supplier for an airplane hangar. Need a pane of glass large enough to create an entire wall? Panels manufactured for skyscrapers fit the bill.
  • Find a place for things you love. Hynansky expanded the design of his home to accommodate a vintage pool table, a decision that upped the drama quotient inside and out.
  • Visualize your home 24-7. Skillful lighting gives the house nighttime dazzle, providing instant glow for poolside entertaining. 

Hynansky Gallery

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