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Modernistic Marvel

Michael Hynansky transformed a stone contempo into a modern masterpiece that’s perfect for entertaining friends or just getting away from it all.

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The kitchen opens into the dining room so the homeowner can cook and mingle with guests at the same time. Michael Hynansky’s quest for the perfect bachelor pad led him to a house that wasn’t his style—but sited on land that won his heart.

“I purchased the house for the property,” he says. “I love that it is secluded and backs up to trees.”

It’s a lovely setting—3.7 verdant acres in Greenville. Hynansky, president of Winner Automotive Group, appreciated that the site offered the rare combination of privacy and accessibility—with an easy commute to work.

The land couldn’t be duplicated. But he realized he could transform the contemporary stone house into the classic modernist home he envisioned as both a personal retreat and a place to entertain.

The fully equipped kitchen includes climate-controlled wine storage for up to 150 bottles. More than a year in the making, the project focused on opening up the house with large expanses of glass. Two original stone walls, now part of the foyer, and a stone fireplace were retained, along with the swimming pool.

Everything else was built from the ground up. The result is a striking three-level residence with such artistic features as a family room defined by glass walls. That feat was accomplished by bringing in windows manufactured for skyscrapers, setting the panels in an aluminum grid.

“Our goal was to open everything up,” Hynansky says. “When you walk through the front doors, you can see the sky.”

There was plenty of room for the homeowner and his guests in the original design by his New York architect. But there wasn’t a designated space for the pool table, a circa 1901 Arts & Crafts style piece with massive legs of carved oak made by Clark Herd Mfg. Co. of Philadelphia.

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Hynansky Gallery

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