Green Friendly Living

A lively palette makes Tom and Chris King’s home a mirror of nature.

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A white-painted bed in the master bedroom proves a rare exception to the  refinished oak furniture found throughout the home. Photograph by John LewisLocal artisan Darryl DuBre built the tiger maple hutch in the dining room, whose surface feels as smooth and glossy as marble. The tiger maple is an anomaly in the dining room, which is dominated by antique oak furniture collected over the years. “We always liked the oak because it’s warmer” than many other woods, Chris says.

Her father refinished the pieces, which come primarily from Michigan, Indiana and Ohio, where Chris was born. Though the dining room chairs are a medley of styles, their common material and finish make them appear uniform. The couple bucked the trend in the master bedroom, where a white-painted bed resides. “I wanted a king,” Chris says. Yet the bed, strewn with pillows, still boasts a country sensibility.

The environment helped spark Chris’ decision to promote the country motif, which is perhaps most evident in the kitchen. Here, Nelson installed custom cabinets whose ornamentation makes them look more like furniture than standard cupboards. The top cabinets have glass fronts, which make a fitting showcase for Chris’ china and pottery.

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