Green Friendly Living

A lively palette makes Tom and Chris King’s home a mirror of nature.

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An upstairs bedroom features facing antique beds. Photograph by John Lewis“Some friends said, ‘We want to buy your house,’ and we kept putting them off,” Chris recalls. The friends had looked all over Lewes for a first-floor master bedroom, which is part of both the Kings’ Wolfe Pointe homes, but found none they liked. A year after moving in, the Kings signed a contract with their friends on their current property, but they remained in the first a year longer while Klabe Custom Homes in Lewes worked its magic.

The home, designed by Jennifer McCann of Tranquil Waters Design in White Stone, Virginia—formerly of Lewes—shares a similar layout to the Kings’ first Wolfe Pointe house. Chris wanted just enough changes so their friends’ home could retain its distinctive character in the neighborhood.

Since both the Kings’ daughter and son have moved out, they decided to divide the sleeping areas. The master bedroom is off the great room and kitchen. Another first-floor bedroom on the opposite end of the house could serve as an in-law suite with the conversion of the Kings’ shared office to a den.

Upstairs there are two bedrooms and a bath. The suite would make for another mother-in-law suite, but for now it is the domain of the Kings’ three grandchildren, who regularly spend Friday nights there. The girls share a room in which two antique beds face each other. Since the great room has a higher ceiling than the other downstairs rooms, you must step up to enter the second bedroom, which makes for a dramatic entrance.

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