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Almost Anything Goes

Mike Schwartz’s eclectic collection of found objects comes together in a uniquely fabulous way.

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[Keeping Room] the homeowner found the tudor-style chairs that flank the fireplace at an auction in rehoboth beach. Photograph by Jared CastaldiHe designed the headboard in his son’s room, inspired by an antique fireplace mantel. Made from weathered wood, it looks as if it might have been in the room for centuries.

In the master bedroom, a bed with four towering posts was custom-made in India from vintage architectural elements.

“We collect old arches and columns and put them together to make a bed,” Gradistanac says. “This one is especially nice looking because it still has wonderful old paint.”

In the sumptuous master bath, an antique ladder, bearing traces of its original red paint, is a towel rack as well as an artistic statement.

The space is rustic yet refined. In the water closet, the walls are sheathed in rough planks, “like an outhouse,” Schwartz notes. A glossy white soaking tub is elegant and luxurious. Milky matte countertops are honed Carrera marble. The dressing table was inspired by pink-and-white toile linens from Target.

Industrial-style lights, with metal shades shaped like butterfly wings, came from the NVF (National Vulcanized Fiber) plant in Yorklyn. Schwartz bought them on the spot and stored them for 15 years, waiting for the right place to install the fixtures.

The large shower is tiled in slate, with a river-rock floor. It’s a high-tech indulgence with multiple spray heads and computerized controls that create a colored light show, accompanied by realistic sounds found in nature.


Get the Look
  • Find your style Mike Schwartz’s interest in found objects was the springboard for the unique decor in his home.
  • No fuss, no muss Rustic materials such as reclaimed wood and furniture upholstered in leather look great, are durable and require little maintenance.
  • Go global In the Schwartz home, you will find chairs from India, decorative tiles from France and a painted cupboard from Pennsylvania.
  • Suit yourself In designating space in the house, an office, gym, super-sized master bath and dressing room were priorities.
  • It all evens out in the end Picking up bargains on furnishings and materials will enable you to splurge on such luxuries as a computerized steam shower.


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