Almost Anything Goes

Mike Schwartz’s eclectic collection of found objects comes together in a uniquely fabulous way.

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[Bedroom] the headboard, fashioned from weathered wood, was inspired by an antique fireplace mantel. a reclaimed windowsill helps complete the rustic look. Photograph by Jared Castaldi“Traditionally, it stands against the wall, but it works quite well as an island in a kitchen,” says Vladan Gradistanac, interior designer at Material Culture.

The kitchen offers an enticing banquet of textures, a blend of stainless steel appliances, red brick floors and glazed cabinetry. Achieving the soft, vanilla sheen on the cupboard doors was a multi-step process, requiring layers of finishes.

“There is a big difference between painting and glazing, which really comes through in the finish,” Schwartz says.

The antique tiles on the backsplash are white with a blue central medallion framed with an ornate geometric and floral border in chocolate brown. He found the tiles, crafted in France in the late 1800s, at the Antique Center on Broadway in Denver, which also sells tiles online.

“They look like they came out of an old farmhouse in the countryside in France, just what I was looking for,” Schwartz says.

Rather than install tile on the backsplashes above the countertops, he opted for reclaimed wood planks, installed vertically.

“I hadn’t seen it done that way any place, except in my head,” he says. “But if you have an idea you think will be great, why not go with it?”

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