Almost Anything Goes

Mike Schwartz’s eclectic collection of found objects comes together in a uniquely fabulous way.

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[Hallway] The homeowner is especially fond of old wood, so he bought planking reclaimed from barns in delaware and neighboring states to create a unique blend of floors and walls. the planks are of many widths, lengths and types of wood. Photograph by Jared CastaldiHe found the Tudor-style chairs that flank the raised-panel fireplace in the keeping room at an auction in Rehoboth Beach. A Pennsylvania-style cupboard, resplendent in weathered paint, stands in the dining room, where chairs from a school library in India surround the table.

Friends advised him to tear out a cast-iron wood stove, a recent addition to the property. But he liked the stove’s sturdy looks and soon warmed to its practical charms.

“It’s extremely functional,” he says. “One day the heater went out and we used the stove to heat the whole house.”

He is especially fond of old wood, engrained with the character of passing years. To create a unique blend of floors and walls, Schwartz bought 5,000 square feet of planking, most of it reclaimed from barns in Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania.

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