An Example of Bygone Glory

Cauffiel House stands as a stunning testament to the tastes and trends of the 1930s.

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  • Respect the past At Cauffiel House, the original butler’s pantry and kitchen sink are still functioning well and looking great. Bathrooms retain their vintage decorative tiles and wall sconces.
  • Shop around Furniture and accessories in keeping with the 1930s decor were discovered at auctions, second-hand stores and antique shops.
  • Give your home a personality test The Cauffiels were fond of dogs, and there are subtle reminders of that throughout the house. But don’t overdo it. Remember: It’s a home, not a theme park.
  • Be in harmony with nature Plantings of rhododendrons, lilacs, apple and pear trees are in keeping with a great house of the early 20th century in Delaware.
  • There’s nothing like a coat of paint Fresh colors immediately take walls from sad to glad.