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Bayhealth's pet assisted therapy program is a success. Plus, weight loss with a spiritual twist, family caregivers get a break, and more.

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Rage Against Machine

Crunch Time Fitness builds the body’s core sans contraptions.

Crunch Time Fitness grew out of what founder Nick Sembiante believed was a popular aversion to machines and gyms that he shared.

“I also saw a need for individuals with certain physical problems who couldn’t get out of the house, so we provide in-home training,” says Sembiante, a certified personal trainer since 1997.

Crunch Time Fitness features a workout geared around strengthening the body’s core, which is centered in the abs and lower back.

“Another problem I see with machines is that the body adapts to routines and repetitions, and that lessens the effects of a workout routine on a machine over time,” says Sembiante.

Crunch Time routines are never the same twice. “The body requires change to grow and gain strength.”

Sembiante can combine multiple exercises into one dynamic full-body exercise, such as utilizing lunges, presses and dynamic moves that move the body outside its center of gravity. That’s where the core’s strengthening takes place.

Clients sign up for as little or as long as they wish. “I structure my training to assist clients to meet their personal goals, and then enable them to maintain on their own,” Sembiante says.

Crunch Time Fitness specializes in post-rehab therapy and sports specific training as well as increasing flexibility and toning for all clients.

Visit for more information.

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