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Two Stones Pub

Map2 Chesmar Plaza
Newark, DE
  • Food and Drink
  • 2013: Best Bar 2013: Best Pub-Tavern 2012: Best Service 2012: Best French Fries 2012: Best Pub-Tavern


From 2012:

There’s an upcharge when you substitute the white truffle-Parmesan fries for the batter-
dipped fries that usually come with your sandwich at the World Café Live, but they’re
worth every penny. The subtle flavor of truffle blends magically with the hint of cheese
to create a flavor that is just made for potatoes. Two Stones Pub is hip to the truffle
treatment, too, and we couldn’t be happier.

Best of Delaware History

2013 Best Bar, Readers, Upstate
2013 Best Pub-Tavern, Readers, Upstate
2012 Best Service, Readers, Upstate 
2012 Best French Fries, Editors, Upstate 
2012 Best Pub-Tavern, Readers, Upstate

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From the Delaware Today Archive: http://www.delawaretoday.com/Delaware...

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