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Pasqualini's Bakery

Map37560 Atlantic Ave.
Rehoboth Beach, DE
  • Food and Drink


Best Bakery, 2014:
Pasqualini’s Bakery offers everything from stuffed breads to cinnamon buns and cookies, but what blows our doors off is the rum cake. We’ve tasted none richer.

From 2011:
Pasqualini’s does it right, with layers of rummy pudding-like cream (Neapolitan style) between tiers of fluffy cake. It ain’t cheap, but it’s worth the price.

From 2010:
Fresh is the word at Pasqualini’s Bakery: fresh eggs, fresh butter—no cake mixes. There’s always a new cake in the works because owner Kathy Pasqualini thinks “people like and need change.” Big sellers are tiramisu, and a diet-killer known as the Chocolate Raspberry Custard Delight—a chocolate cake is smothered in layers of fresh raspberries and vanilla custard, and then topped with white butter cream icing and chocolate ganache. Pasqualini once made a sea captain happy by creating a 3-D design of a fish jumping out of water. A lucky fashionista loved her Dolce & Gabbana purse cake. The rum cake is unlike any you’ve ever tasted.

From 2008:
Pasqualini’s Bakery offers a variety of fresh bread, courtesy of owner Kathy Pasqualini. Her customers love the Italian loaves and French baguettes. The spinach, feta and sun-dried tomato is delicious, as is the honey whole wheat bread, which is spiced with clover honey and sprinkled with seeds.

Pasqualini lets customers determine how much rum they want at Pasqualini’s Bakery. Not surprisingly, most load up on the Bacardi. Pasqualini’s is a four-layer sponge soaked in rum and separated by layers of chocolate custard, vanilla custard and cherry filling. It’s topped with real whipped cream, red and green cherries, and chocolate shavings with toasted almonds running down the side. Grab an 8-inch cake for $34.95. No ID needed.

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