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Papa’s Food Market

Map1910 W. Sixth St.
Wilmington, DE
  • Food and Drink
  • 2013: Best Delicatessen 2012: Best Delicatessen


From 2013:

At Papa’s Food Market, owner Ralph Papa cuts beef, veal and other meats the old-school way. There are plenty of Cento products like gardiniera salad and imported olives. But what gets us is the cappicola. In a counter stocked with top-quality cold cuts and cheeses, that cappicola reigns as the spiciest, tastiest, best in town. Grab a pile, a good loaf of fresh Italian bread and some of Papa’s olive
oil, then make yourself a sandwich. Don’t forget the Tastykake. It ain’t a deli if it doesn’t sell Tastykakes.

Best of Delaware History

2013 Best Delicatessen, Editors, Upstate 
2012 Best Delicatessen, Editors, Upstate 

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From the Delaware Today Archive: http://www.delawaretoday.com/Delaware...

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