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Okura Japanese Cuisine Restaurant

Map703 Ace Memorial Drive
Hockessin, DE
  • Food and Drink


Best Japanese Cuisine, 2014:
From the family that enlightened us about true Japanese cuisine, Okura Japanese Restaurant remains classic. Yes, there is sushi and sashimi.
Yes, there is teriyaki and tempura. That’s as you would expect. What you might not expect— age mono (chicken or pork) and a selection of fusion cuisine, such as Thai beef and chicken satay.

From 2013:
The folks at Okura Japanese Cuisine Restaurant are on a roll. They serve more than 25 different special rolls, including some fusion fare, along with sashimi, tempuras, teriyakis, and rice and noodle dishes. The place is as cozy and as cool as ever.

From 2012:
The first family of Japanese dining in Delaware still does it best at cozy Okura Japanese
Cuisine Restaurant. You’ll find tempuras and teriyakis, rice and noodle dishes, chicken
satay and pork shumai, and some of the freshest sushi and sashimi around.

From 2010:
The classic Okura has upped the ante when it comes to sushi, adding upscale offerings such as white fish with caviar and mango salsa to its menu of traditional and specialty sushi rolls. Still, favorites remain, such as the Hockessin roll, with fresh tuna and avocado that gets tempura fried, then drizzled with spicy mayonnaise sauce, scallions and caviar. The house-standard Okura roll is a fried roll of nori-wrapped yellowtail with asparagus.

Okura Japanese Cuisine Restaurant went out on a bit of a limb this year, adding upscale pan-Asian creations to its venerable Japanese menu. But regulars of the Hockessin classic gave new items—like the stacked Tuna Tower with tuna sashimi, octopus, cilantro and fried wontons—a big thumbs up. Chef Kailon Yeung does amazing sushi rolls, along with traditional yakisoba, yaki bifun and udon noodle dishes.

From 2009:
You know your Japanese experience is authentic when you see the sliding shoji screen walls inside nine-year-old Okura Japanese Cuisine Restaurant. The place is still Hockessin’s friendly neighborhood sushi shop, where the local specialty is a fried tuna roll with avocado, spicy mayo and caviar. Yakisoba and udon noodle dishes are superb, and entrées like broiled beef negimaki and the dinner box—filled with tempura, sushi and shumai—are great buys.

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