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Masamoto Gourmet Sushi & Asian Grill

Map1810 Wilmington-West Chester Pike
Chadds Ford, PA
  • Food and Drink


Best Sushi, 2014:
At Masamoto Gourmet Sushi & Asian Grill, chef Johnny Cai offers things you don’t see on pedestrian sushi-sashimi menus: sea urchin, flying fish roe, horse mackerel. Rolls are aptly named. The Philly gets smoked salmon and cream cheese. The Boston get shrimp, lettuce and mayo. A fave: the Spider of fried soft shell crab, leaf lettuce, avocado, roe and eel sauce.

From 2012:
California roll? Yawn. Spicy tuna? So five minutes ago. Masamoto and chef Johnny Cai push Asian standards into delicious new territory.

We’ve told you before, Masamoto Gourmet Sushi & Asian Grill takes sushi to another level. And with choices like sea urchin, Japanese horse mackerel and roe of flying fish, you know these folks are serious.

Masamoto Gourmet Sushi & Asian Grill bedazzles its customers with its creative sashimi and sushi dishes. Did you know “Masamoto” is the name of a famous Japanese sushi knife manufacturer?

From 2010:
Very few items among the fresh, creative pan-Asian menu at Masamoto aren’t excellent. From fluke sashimi to tuna belly, it’s hard to go wrong. But it’s chef-owner Johnny Cai’s original rolls and the way he plays with texture and color that put Masamoto sushi leagues beyond most in the region. A Vietnamese Roll sprinkles tempura flakes over kani, avocado and spicy tuna, mixes in a little spring salad, then wraps everything in rice paper. It’s a mouthful, but it’s so, so worth it.

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