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Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant

Map147 E. Main St.
Newark, DE
  • Food and Drink
  • 2013: Best American Restaurant 2012: Best Outdoor Dining 2012: Best Appetizers 2011: Best Beer Selection 2011: Best Brewpub 2011: Best Girly Martinis 2010: Best Brew Pub 2009: Best Local Brew 2008: Best Late-Night Menu


Iron Hill has beer—duh. But its sassy martinis are fabulous, proving that the Hill has a feminine side, and it’s not afraid to show it. Raise your pinky fingers to the Key lime pie and Watermelon libations.

From 2010:

Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant continues to be an awards juggernaut, raking in medals from the World Beer Cup and the Great American Beer Festival. Brilliant brews like Raspberry Torte and Russian Imperial Stout are great, and not enough credit goes to the well-executed pub food, such as the guacamole-smeared turkey burger or the char-grilled sirloin with sun-dried tomato and portobello relish.

From 2009:

You know when you walk into a place and see an honest-to-goodness brewery, you’re going to be tasting some great beers. Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant’s beers are brewed on site by company brewers. Five brews are always joined by various traditional Belgian ales that change throughout the year. The brews are (as if you don’t have them memorized) the Iron Hill Light Lager, Vienna Red Lager, Ironbound Ale, Raspberry Wheat and our favorite, the slightly bitter, kinda nutty, ever tasty Pig Iron Porter. Look for other seasonal offerings such as Sasquatch, an American barley wine that’s hopped up on hops.

Other Delaware location:

710 Justison St., Wilmington, 472-2730

Best of Delaware History

2013 Best American Restaurant, Readers, Upstate
2012 Best Outdoor Dining, Editors, Upstate 
2012 Best Appetizers, Readers, Upstate
2011 Best Girly Martinis, Critics
2010 Best Brew Pub, Upstate, Critics
2009 Best Local Brew, Upstate, Critics
2008 Best Late-Night Menu, Upstate, Readers
2007 Best Waitstaff, Upstate, Critics
2001 Best Outdoor Dining, Upstate, Readers
2007 Best Draft Beer Selection, Upstate, Readers
2007 Best Draft Beer Selection, Upstate, Critics
2007 Best Brew Pub, Upstate, Readers
2007 Best Bar Food, Upstate, Readers
2006 Best Waitstaff Service, Upstate, Critics
2006 Best Draft Beer Selection, Upstate, Readers
2006 Best Brew Pub, Upstate, Readers
2005 Best Southwest Spring Rolls, Upstate, Editors
2005 Best Prime Rib Special, Upstate, Editors
2005 Best Micro Brew Beer, Upstate, Readers
2004 Best Restaurant With A View, Readers
2004 Best Casual Restaurant Overall, Readers
2004 Best Brew Pub, Readers
2004 Best Appetizers, Readers
2001 Best Overall Restaurant, Readers
2001 Best Brew Pub, Readers
2000 Best Desserts, Readers
2000 Best Brew Pub, Readers
1999 Best Service
1999 Best Newark Restaurant
1999 Best Brew Pub, Readers
1999 Best Appetizers, Readers
1997 Best Brew Pub
1997 Best Bar With Acoustic Music, Readers
1997 Best Appetizers, Readers

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