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Columbus Inn

Map2216 Pennsylvania Ave.
Wilmington, DE
  • Food and Drink


Best Cocktail Selection, 2014:
The signature cocktails at Columbus Inn all have a little twist (and we don’t mean lemon peel). The olive in the Tavern Martini is stuffed with blue cheese, for example, and the mojito is raspberry flavored. We’re fans of the lemonade, made with lemon-thyme simple syrup and vodka, as well as a clementine-honey Gimlet (also vodka—not gin). But our favorite—and it seems most other patrons’, too—is the American Mule, which is a Moscow Mule re-imagined: fresh lime blended with ginger beer mixed with American Harvest organic vodka, all served in an insulated steel mug to ensure maximal chill. Nice.

From 2013:
The mixologists at Columbus Inn take time to purée fresh peaches and prepare their own honey syrup for drinks like the Peach Bellini and the Honey Badger (as ferocious as the animal itself). Offerings range from the classic Moscow Mule to the modern Pomegranate Sunrise, with new and old twists on standards like the Manhattan. The tavern is just right for a New York Sour, the patio for a cool Strawberry Blonde.

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