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Buckley's Tavern

Map5812 Kennett Pike
Greenville, DE
  • Food and Drink
  • 2013: Best Burger 2011: Best Tavern 2011: Best Outdoor Dining 2010: Restaurant in Centreville-Greenville 2010: Best Pub-Tavern 2010: Best Outdoor Dining 2009: Best Outdoor Dining 2008: Best Ribs


From 2013:
The Buckley’s Burger at Buckley’s Tavern is such a favorite, the new owners left it as is it always was. Plenty of beef is grilled, then topped with good cheddar, applewood-smoked bacon, lettuce and tomato on brioche. In fact, it’s the only way the sandwich is offered (though you can have yours tweaked, of course). It’s on the all-day menu, and the late-night menu, too.

From 2010:
Some restaurants offer an excellent outdoor seating area. But Buckley’s Tavern boasts three: the vine-covered front porch, the villa-like rear patio and the rooftop deck. Each space renders a distinctive experience. The porch is for people-watching, the patio for romance, and the deck for hanging with a group. Visit any of the above for Sunday brunch and try the Eastern Shore eggs Benedict.

From 2009:
It’s tough to beat Buckley’s Tavern for alfresco dining, “because it provides customers with three different options: dining on the front porch, back patio or rooftop,” critic Ciro Poppiti says. There’s not a bad view in—or out of—the house. “If it’s good enough for the vice president of the United States,” he says, “who am I to argue?”

Best of Delaware History

2013: Best Burgers, Editors, Upstate
2010 Best Restaurant in Centreville-Greenville, Readers
2010 Best Pub-Tavern, Readers, Upstate
2010 Best Outdoor Dining, Critics, Upstate
2009 Best Outdoor Dining, Critics, Upstate
2008 Best Ribs, Critics, Upstate

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