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College Guide 2019

Everything you need to know about the region’s colleges and universities.

These Machines are Helping the University of Delaware Fight Food Waste

Food digesters designed by BioHiTech have allowed the school to dispose of dining hall scraps in a more environmentally friendly way, new study shows.

How Delaware's Private Schools Are Teaching Innovation

From project-based learning to classes about compassion, here's how local schools are preparing students to be innovators, risk-takers and change-makers.

Meet Four Delaware Private School Innovators

Education is changing, so schools are designating faculty and staff to be in charge of keeping up.

From the Publisher: Can Delaware Improve its Struggling Schools?

In our November issue, we take a look at how the state is addressing gaps in student achievement and fixing failing schools.

Solving the Puzzle of Delaware's Education System

Delaware's Office of Innovation and Improvement is putting together an approach to improve struggling schools.

How Delaware's Dual School Program Is Empowering Students

The initiative aims to help high schoolers solve problems, develop important skills and, ultimately, improve society.

For Older Folks, Falls Can Be Especially Dangerous. UD Researchers Want to Help.

Researchers at the University of Delaware’s Falls and Mobility Laboratory are working on solutions to help prevent falls and related injuries.

'Every Child Is an Artist': Sydney Picasso Pays a Visit to Pilot School

Pablo Picasso's daughter-in-law spoke to students about the importance of art.

The 2018 Ultimate Guide to Schools in Delaware

From public and charter schools to private and parochial institutions, the First State offers students a variety of choices.

What's the Secret to Raising Successful Kids?

According to developmental psychologist Roberta Golinkoff, it's lots of playtime. (Parents, that means you, too!)

Why Odyssey Charter School Works

It began humbly, but now rivals some of the best schools in the state.