Scission Espresso Truck Is Not "Just Another Coffee Shop"

Wilmington has welcomed a new espresso bar—on wheels.


Courtesy of Zach DeLong


Zach DeLong always loved working in coffee shops, but after a while, the drinks and experiences all started feeling somewhat indistinguishable. 

So, he decided to open his own, and worked to turn an old ice cream truck into a mobile espresso bar. The Wilmington-based Scission Espresso Truck was soon born.

“[The word] 'Scission' has a couple of different meanings, but one of them means 'to separate from a group'—which is what I wanted to do with the truck,” says DeLong. “I don't want to be just another coffee shop.”

The menu changes slightly every week, offering fresh beverages ranging from $3–$4.25 and homemade desserts from De La Coeur ranging from $2.50–$4.

Scission Espresso Truck posts its location daily on Instagram. Typically the truck can be found at 600 King St., 1201 N. Market St., The Delaware Contemporary, Jupiter Records or the Westside Farmers Market at Cool Spring Park in Wilmington.

You can also email for location information.

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